Company Overview


Nikola Tesla’s wishes were to connect people with energy and empower them through technological advancements. This is the legacy that Tesla Technologies embodies as we continue to innovate and technologically advance with his talented great-great-nephew Tomislav Tesla – an engineer and innovator who has created a whole range of groundbreaking technologies that will greatly enhance the way we live globally.


Since 2008, which we mark as a Tomislav Tesla's very beginning in the innovation field, much research and development has been produced. At present, several unique technologies and more than ten hydro turbine prototypes have been built and successfully tested.

This process has yielded favourable results so that today we have an optimised technology which works without resistance and has been recognised with a unique review marking for the second generation of a cascading hydropower plant patent granted in 2019.

In 2018 the Tesla Technologies Team was further expanded (with several other members) to expand, fine-tune and execute the full global strategy.

The Tesla Technologies Team seek to offer the very best in technological solutions and is so doing secure a realistic proportion of the green energy market. We strongly believe that our uniqueness and the added value of our technology is crucial for satisfying our existing clients.

This will be even more important in the future as it is increasingly important for energy production to offer solutions which have a low environmental impact and which seek to eliminate carbon fuel sources. It is now commonly accepted that these solutions are no longer a goal – they have become essential.


2008 – First Hydro Power prototype Patent.

2018 a patent for VACUUMING SEDIMENT FROM RIVER RESERVOIRS technology was issued.

2019 - A breakthrough year:

2019 The Tesla Technologies Team began concentrating on several markets territories based on the local cooperation, our physical presence in those countries and their need and willingness for such developments;

2019 The first targeted markets are Lithuania, Serbia, Turkey, Kazakhstan, and India were secured. Our goals in the longer term are to develop these markets and the rest of the eastern side of Europe, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Kazakhstan. All mentioned markets are our focus due to their need for such technology and clean energy generation to cut the dependency on other means of energy productions and power imports.

2019 Tesla Technologies established representative offices in Kazakhstan, Estonia and Turkey;

2019 a patent for INNOVATIVE PRESSURE BOTTLE technology was issued;



Tesla Technologies have an open view towards the future in many spheres and the way that technology will help to boost the planet and humanity. It is our duty and obligation to preserve it for future generations and to make it as sustainable as possible.

In our team, we recognise and support those ideas and principles. Our projects are always working in line with new technological advancements for the greater good.

We believe that such innovative ways will soon be accepted on the entire planet because our world deserves to live in harmony with nature and people, as this is the best way to prove and provide benefits for nature and the economy at the same time.

Massively increasing sustainability is crucial for the survival and evolution of the human species as well as for our planet.