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Syngas Generators


Currently, gas fuel, for example, in the form of methane (CH4), a natural gas, has found wide application in equipment that produces energy (heat, electricity). In this case we propose a description of the industrial design of gas-generating equipment, hereinafter referred to as the “Mobile Cyclone Gas Generator” (MCG). The main characteristics of the MCG:

a) multi-fuel - the ability to generate synthesis gas from many types of solid fuels (wood waste, agricultural waste, bird droppings, peat, brown coal and others);

b) in the existing energy-producing equipment, our synthesis gas burns like methane, therefore, methane-based equipment can run on our synthesis gas as well;

c) the proposed industrial MCG prototype has a gas power of 2.5 - 4.0 Megawatt / h (depending on fuel) and mass-dimensional characteristics that ensure placement in its equipment in four twenty-foot containers not exceeding 10 tons of the total weight of the equipment.

Using the proposed MCG is able to solve the energy problem - the production of synthesis gas (energy supply), the environmental problem - the disposal of waste, for example, chicken manure (ecology) and the task of providing synthesis gas in an autonomous mode, next to the location of the fuel (autonomy). MCG can be applied both to existing enterprises and to those under construction

At present, the possibilities of such a physicochemical effect as gasification are underestimated in the world. The use of gasification will reduce the dependence on imported natural gas. The most effective use of gasification is where there is an internal accumulation of waste materials (fuel), for example, bird droppings, agricultural waste, peat, brown coal and others.

The payback period of investments in our equipment is significantly short.

The introduction of MCG into the industry will lead to a reduction in energy costs in production, which will lead to a reduction in the cost of industrial products.

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