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The innovative water transporting “HydroLoop” technology gives the possibility of transporting water by sea and ocean in a completely new way, so far not used in the world.

The “HydroLoop” has the advantage that the transportation of water for the water supply system and agricultural production is done without the use of energy, using the sea and oceans, water over distances of thousands of kilometers is transported in huge quantities.

There is no alternative because the innovation is for the first time envisaging a technical solution where the time of water transport is almost instantaneously at distances of more than 1,000 km, or if necessary, the needed construction length of a floating pipeline between the river mouth and the arid region of the planet.

In addition to its stated primary objective, such a construction technology and maintenance has been upgraded to enable the pipeline to be built as quickly as possible and on favorable terms. Affordable, practical and well-known design, easy and quick installation of the advanced water delivery systems.

The application of innovative technology can completely solve the water supply of Singapore, cities off the coast of Australia, even to bring the drinking water from the mountains of New Zealand and Tasmania, and to resolve the water supply of arid areas such as the Middle East.

The innovation can be used for Israel's irrigation program with water from the mouth of the river Nile.

An example is the unused Congo River near the mouth. The difference in altitude of tens of meters from the sea level with a minimum year-round flow of over 30,000 m³/s is the potential of irrigating much of Africa.

No extra energy is needed for the irrigation!

Similar examples are found along the East Coast of America, from California, Mexico, Peru to Chile.

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