Intelligent home


Youcef Aden, in collaboration with London architecture firm has thought through every space to perfection - opening up the landscape with dramatically framed views. You will hardly know where your home ends and the gardens begin. This connection to the location is evident everywhere, from the capacious lobby, to the roof- top terrace, to the best smart home there is, fully loaded with the latest technologies. We build your home in six days,so you can rest in it on the seventh.

Some of the technologies used in our iHome :

  • ✔ Transparent TV designed by Michael Friebe
  • ✔ Floor Plan Light Switch
  • ✔ Door Handle With Self-Sterilization System
  • ✔ The Brighter Way to Save Energy
  • ✔ Smart Fire Alarm
  • ✔ Smart Shower
  • ✔ Smart Light System
  • ✔ Solar Panel
  • ✔ Electric Privacy Glass and Windows
  • ✔ Smart Secure System
  • ✔ Other Smart Home Solutions
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