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Study Anywhere


Study Anywhere Solution is a new, intelligent education ecosystem for schools. We aim to empower teachers to maximize student's potential. The ecosystem is designed to help every person involved in the learning process organize and simplify their work.

Study Anywhere Solution shares the same goal as administrators, teachers, students and parents: make sure every single learner improves their performance and gets the best possible results.

Study Anywhere provides an interactive learning platform to enhance learner engagement and learning outcomes. It provides tools to upload & aggregate content from various sources, enhance, share and interact on videos and other learning content for content creators providing the same user experience across devices, anywhere and anytime with or without internet.



  • ✔ Portable access to all the resources and learning aids they need
  • ✔ Engaging and empowering Students
  • ✔ Learning while being mobile with mobility
  • ✔ Alerts and notifications guiding them to stay on track and reach for success
  • ✔ Improves Understanding of the subject
  • ✔ Increased collaboration with peers
  • ✔ Giving self-sufficiency and ownership
  • ✔ Longitudinal records of learning
  • ✔ Instant results and feedback
  • ✔ Access to a large catalogue of learning materials and digital textbooks


  • ✔ Real time view of the child’s progress
  • ✔ Understanding of child’s natural strengths
  • ✔ Ability to help the child in real time
  • ✔ Better Tracking and monitoring
  • ✔ Better communication and engagement with schools, teachers and administrators
  • ✔ Transparency of their child’s education
  • ✔ Easy access to information
  • ✔ Security over their child’s data


  • ✔ Simlified workflow. The administration burden is removed in order to give Teachers more time to spend doing what they are best at-teaching
  • ✔ Resource sharing-removes duplication of effort
  • ✔ Holistic view of students and responsibilities
  • ✔ More time to design and plan courses
  • ✔ Innovation in teaching practices
  • ✔ Help students during and after schools
  • ✔ Access to a large catalogue of learning materials and digital textbooks
  • ✔ Ability to follow their student’s progress and challenges


  • ✔ A remotely managed system minimizes administration and upkeep
  • ✔ Optimum utilization of resources
  • ✔ Effective monitoring
  • ✔ Real time intervention
  • ✔ Streamlined processes and information across the entire school or school network for teacher training and administration
  • ✔ Allows to spots trends and issues
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