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The invention relates to the call to open frozen waterways with the help of an innovative technical addition for ice breaking⁄cutting.

Plowshare is placed on the bow of existing and future icebreakers, with the possibility of the installation on the standard ships.

The plowshare is equipped with the chambers, which are filled with the adjusting air pressure, which helps to cut through ice and makes the waterway easily navigable by ships throughout the whole year.

In a way, that the use of innovative plowshare will significantly reduce the required power of propellers and engines on the existing icebreakers compared to today’s ice breaking⁄chrushing technology. Innovative icebreaker plowshare with trapped air under the ice gets support in the water so that the parts of the blade cause planned linear and secondary ice cracking of any thickness. Among other things, a new type of icebreaker can work in all areas of the planet, where necessary, without the possibility of getting stuck in the ice.

An innovative icebreaker would have a lower fuel consumption with a significantly greater effect of breaking the ice. The ice plowshare is suitable to be placed on the new ships and already existing ones that need to sail through ice-covered waterways. Ships equipped with such plowshare do not have the need for an icebreaker when the ice is not too thick. Then, cargo ships and military ships are “cutting” themselves the ice through waterways, and allow the convoy of ships to follow them.

The technical problem which is solved by using the invention is a better use of current icebreakers, favorable and more efficient construction of future icebreakers and ships. Instead of limited navigation time during the long period of the year, it is possible to secure the North Sea Route, through and on the edge of the Arctic, with a navigable waterway throughout the year for the ships on which this innovative solution will be applied. The Arctic’s area rich in mineral resources and energy resource sites will now be available for commercial exploitation with secured transport throughout the year.

He known solutions of today’s icebreakers use primarily the huge engine power to drive propellers, then uses the reinforced ship hull, especially the reinforced bow of the ship. Therefore, today’s icebreakers use the technology of the drive power and the weight of the front part of the icebreakers hull for the opening of the waterway.

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